Private Investigator Germany

A private investigator in Germany is also called a private detective – sometimes shortened to private eye or just PI. The private investigator in Germany is someone who can be hired by individuals or companies to undertake hidden investigations.

Private investigators in Germany often work for lawyers in civil cases. A lot of German private detective agencies work for insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims and fraud.

Before the advent of no-fault divorce in Germany in the 70s, many private detectives were hired to find out evidence of adultery or other illegal conduct within marriage to establish grounds for a divorce. Nowadays private investigators still work in infidelity cases to bring their clients peace of mind.

No license required for private detectives in Germany

Some countries in the world require licensing of private investigators, but Germany does not.

Most of the investigation cases are in the large German towns. There are private investigators in Berlin, private detectives in Munich and private investigators in Hamburg as well as investigators in all areas of Germany.

They do investigations of all legal kinds in Germany. Private investigators use a huge variety of techniques in conducting their investigations.

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